The heating, cooling and overall comfort needs of your business or commercial properties is much different compared to what you need at home.

There’s a reason why we’re one of the most trusted commercial HVAC companies in Medina, MN, and surrounding areas. We’re not comfortable until you are, so you can expect us to provide prompt, efficient and competitively-priced service.

Since 1946, our certified technicians have strived to improve your sense of comfort as much as possible. We extend our quality services to commercial HVAC repair in Medina, MN, and surrounding communities because you deserve to be comfortable whether you’re at home or at work.

If something breaks down or doesn’t seem right, give us a call at 763-200-5055 for truly dedicated support.

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5 Signs You May Need Commercial HVAC Repair

  1. Strange noises or smells: An experienced commercial HVAC company like Ditter can recognize the presence of an HVAC problem by the noises or odors they produce. This can also help narrow down where the problem is and what components may be involved.
  2. A sudden jump in energy costs: An unexpected surge in your monthly bill could be a sign your commercial HVAC system needs attention or is wearing out.
  3. Inconsistent performance like hot and cold spots: A reliable commercial HVAC system should ensure consistent comfort throughout the property. Many problems start with noticing areas or rooms that aren’t as comfortable as others.
  4. Products or services have been affected: Many products are sensitive to changes in temperature and may be ruined by heat or cold. If you provide services to the public, they may take notice and complain that something doesn’t seem right.
  5. It’s been a while since commercial HVAC maintenance: One of the best ways to prevent problems from happening is through commercial HVAC maintenance. If it’s been a long time since your last tune up, the risk of problems may be higher.

Should I Repair or Replace My Commercial HVAC Rooftop Unit?

  • How dependable is it? Breakdowns every now and then should be expected, especially if your system is getting older. But if you’re constantly calling us for commercial HVAC repair, you might want to think about replacement.
  • How old is it? With proper maintenance, your HVAC system should last around 15 years or longer. If yours has broken down and is close to this age, we recommend planning for commercial HVAC installation.
  • How much do repairs cost? If repairs are infrequent and inexpensive, it’s best to just fix problems as they occur. But when repair costs are getting close to half the price of a new commercial HVAC rooftop unit, it’s better to get a new one installed.
  • How efficient is it? Heating and cooling a big space is expensive. And your HVAC system will lose efficiency as it ages. If your heating and cooling costs are creeping up, ask us about energy-efficient solutions from Lennox and Carrier.

Trust Ditter for Top-Notch Commercial HVAC Repair

Many HVAC problems happen outside of regular business hours. You shouldn’t have to wait until tomorrow a commercial HVAC contractor to start diagnosing the problem.

For prompt, reliable service, even in emergencies, you can always count on Ditter Cooling, Heating & Electrical. We have years of experience resolving problems for a wide range of commercial HVAC units.

If you think something isn’t working like it should, let us know! We’ll do our best to provide commercial HVAC repair quickly and efficiently. To schedule an appointment, give us a call at 763-200-5055.

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