When you need air conditioning installation in Medina, MN, or surrounding areas, go with the company your neighbors and friends have trusted since 1946.

We began our business specializing in cooling and refrigeration, and today, Ditter Heating, Cooling and Electrical professionals have installed just about every kind of air conditioning system there is. We’re not comfortable until you are, so we’ll go through all your questions, from choosing the air conditioner to financing it.

Between our special offers and rebates, your new Lennox® or Carrier® air conditioner might be even more reasonable than you realize. And you’ll get all the benefits of up-to-date cooling, like energy efficiency, potentially lower cooling bills and smart thermostat compatibility.

Our goal at Ditter is to make air conditioning replacement as affordable and stress free as possible. Start by requesting your free estimate today by calling us at 763-200-5055. There’s no pressure or obligation, just access to our 70-plus years of expertise.

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6 Benefits of Air Conditioning Installation

Installing a new air conditioner offers many new benefits, including:

  1. Potentially lower energy bills. Older air conditioners aren’t as energy efficient as newer models and lose efficiency as they age. Even upgrading a 10-year-old air conditioner could save you up to 20–40% on your cooling bills, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.
  2. Modern technology. New air conditioners are compatible with smart thermostats, which could help you lower your cooling bill even more.
  3. Better comfort. Does your home suffer from hot and cold spots, or muggy air even when the air conditioning is running? A new air conditioner can take care of these issues.
  4. Improved indoor air quality. Modern air conditioners are compatible with indoor air quality add-ons, like whole-house dehumidifiers and air filtration systems, that can help you breathe more comfortably and make your home’s air healthier.
  5. Environmentally friendly refrigerant. If your air conditioner was installed before 2010, it likely runs on R-22 Freon refrigerant. This refrigerant is no longer being produced due to its damaging effects on the ozone layer. As a result, refrigerant leaks can be very expensive to repair. New air conditioners use an environmentally friendly refrigerant called R-410A, or Puron.
  6. Peace of mind. A newer cooling system is less likely to need air conditioning repair and is protected by a valuable manufacturer’s warranty. Ditter offers a comprehensive maintenance program to keep that warranty valid and to ensure trouble-free cooling.

How We Customize Air Conditioning Replacement to Your Home

Having a right-sized air conditioner is just as important as the model you choose. If it’s too large or too small, your comfort, energy bills and longevity of your system can all be negatively affected. Here’s what our professionals consider when sizing your new system:

  • Home square footage
  • Ductwork
  • Number of windows and size of windows
  • Sun and shade
  • Insulation
  • Family size

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