As the weather gets colder in Minnesota and you start spending more time indoors, it’s important to know what temperature to set thermostat in winter. This way you avoid wasting energy and driving up your heating bill.

Americans spend a lot of money trying to keep their home comfortable. In fact, ENERGY STAR® says the average household pays more than $2,000 in energy costs each year.

One way you can keep costs down is by lowering your thermostat. Let’s review what is the best temperature to set you thermostat at when you’re at home, away and sleeping, as well as a few other suggestions for keeping your energy bill low this winter.

Recommended Winter Thermostat Settings

You might be questioning whether 70 or 72 is too high for a thermostat in the winter. What temperature you use depends on your personal preferences and energy efficiency goals. During cold months, the U.S. Department of Energy says setting your thermostat to 68 can help you keep heating costs in check.

What Temperature to Set Your Thermostat in Winter While Home

We also suggest using 68 degrees during the daytime. If that feels too cool, you can try a couple of these tips to stay cozy.

  • Dress in layers.
  • Minimize window energy loss by installing plastic sheeting and energy-efficient window treatments, like honeycomb shades or window blankets.
  • Maximize natural warmth by opening window treatments on south-facing windows during the day.
  • Set your ceiling fan to reverse to redistribute rising warm air.

What Temperature to Set Your Thermostat in Winter When Away

When it’s below 30 degrees, we recommend setting your thermostat to 64-65 degrees when you’re gone. This will keep your furnace from running more than it needs to but allow the temperature to bounce back quickly when you return.

If you have pets, you may want to consider setting your thermostat slightly higher to keep them more comfortable. This is especially important for puppies, senior dogs, small dogs and dogs with short hair.

What Temperature to Set Your Thermostat in Winter at Night

The National Sleep Foundation says most people sleep best in a cool bedroom, between 64­–65 degrees. That might sound too cold at first, but you can try experimenting with your thermostat for a week or so.

Try setting your thermostat at 68 and gradually lowering it each night. Bundle up with warmer pajamas, flannel sheets and thicker blankets. You might be surprised at how well you sleep at a lower temperature.

5 Other Easy Ways to Save Energy This Winter

Keeping your thermostat in check isn’t the only way you can save on heating costs this winter. Here are a few other suggestions.

1. Get a Smart Thermostat

You probably have a programmable thermostat in your home. But if it’s constantly set to “hold,” you aren’t maximizing your energy savings. Programming these thermostats can be annoying and time-consuming, especially if your schedule changes.

A smart thermostat changes everything by learning your routine and temperature preferences, and then creating an energy-efficient heating schedule to match. You won’t have to worry about whether you remembered to turn down the thermostat when leaving for the weekend, because you’ll be able to monitor and adjust it from your phone.

CenterPoint Energy offers a smart thermostat rebate for eligible Wi-Fi learning models. Ask us for more details about this program and what smart thermostat model is right for your needs. With a smart thermostat, you won’t be worrying what should I set my thermostat to in the winter, because it’ll do the work for you.

2. Upgrade Your Furnace

How long have you had your current furnace? If it’s more than 15 years old, you should start planning for replacement. That way, you’ll avoid having a cold home when it fails for good and you’re waiting for a new one. You’ll also enjoy superior comfort and energy efficiency that your old furnace can’t match.

Between special offers and financing for qualified customers, furnace installation in Medina is more affordable than you think it might be.

3. Enroll in Our Furnace Maintenance Program

Regular furnace maintenance offers many benefits, including reduced chance of breakdowns, increased energy efficiency and a longer life span. That’s because our technicians have the chance to spot and correct small problems before they become big issues. Our HVAC maintenance program makes it easy for you to stay on top of this important service.

4. Keep Your Air Filter Clean

A dirty filter can make your furnace work harder and consume more energy. To avoid this, you’ll want to change your filter every 1-3 months.

How often you should change yours depends on the kind of filter you use, if you have pets and if anyone in your home has allergies or asthma. Our friendly professionals are here to help if you’re not sure how often you need to replace yours.

5. Seal Your Attic and Add More Insulation

Having your attic properly insulated helps you stay more comfortable and keeps heating costs down. In Medina, you’ll want to have at least 16-18” of insulation. If you’re thinking about making your attic more energy efficient, CenterPoint Energy offers a rebate for attic air sealing plus qualifying attic insulation.

Make Your Home More Comfortable and Energy Efficient with Ditter

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