The supply of refrigerant in your air conditioner is vital to the process, pulling heat from the air and transporting it out of your home. There are many different kinds of refrigerant, but R-22 Freon was the preferred choice for many years. Air conditioning systems installed before 2010 likely use R-22 Freon.

Over time, we discovered that R-22 coolant had a negative effect on the environment. Alternative refrigerants were developed to slowly replace R-22 systems. The supply of Freon is rapidly decreasing, leading to a large increase in replacement coolant. Air conditioners that rely on R-22 Freon will be more difficult and expensive to maintain.

Luckily, you have professional assistance. Ditter Cooling, Heating & Electrical is happy to share some useful info about R-22 replacement refrigerants. We can also provide expert air conditioning installation services. Choose from a variety of efficient air conditioners with alternative, environmentally friendly coolants. After that, just sit back and let us handle things!

Here’s what you need to know about R-22 replacement refrigerants.

R-22 Is Being Phased Out

After R-22 Freon was found to deplete the ozone layer, the EPA recommended phasing the refrigerant out. The HVAC industry began a steady shift, finding and implementing other coolants. These new refrigerants are much more efficient and can improve the overall cooling process.

Unfortunately, as Freon is phased out, so are the air conditioners that use them. As of 2020, recycled stockpiles of R-22 are the only sources legally allowed to provide it. What’s more, technicians must be certified by the EPA before being able to purchase recycled R-22 coolant.

As supplies continue to diminish, the costs for maintaining your current R-22 air conditioner won’t make sense. For stronger, more affordable cooling, getting a replacement system is the way to go.

What is R-22 Freon Being Replaced With?

Many different coolants are now available, including R-32, R-407c and R410-a. Out of these options, the current favorite is R-410a Puron. It produces a smaller effect on the environment. Puron also transfers heat more efficiently than Freon, meaning you’ll need less energy to cool your home. This can sometimes lead to lower monthly cooling bills, a welcome change for any of our customers!

Ultimately, there’s no one R-22 replacement that stands above the rest. A knowledgeable technician can help you evaluate your priorities and suggest a coolant that best satisfies them.

You may also have the option to modify your existing air conditioner to work with other refrigerants. We don’t often recommend it, since Puron requires very different conditions than Freon for normal operation. Retrofitting the necessary components is an expensive process. The transition can often result in a host of other problems. Before you know it, you’re forced to pay more in surprise repairs than what a new system costs in the first place.

We can provide effective air conditioning repair, but we prefer saving you as much money as possible. This makes new installation a much better choice. You find the perfect replacement model, without worrying about the supply of coolant.

The Experts at Ditter Can Help

Are you unsure about what refrigerant is best for your new air conditioner? Receive helpful advice and recommendations from your local HVAC pros. Our technicians are extensively trained and can help you determine what refrigerant is ideal for your cooling needs.

When you’re ready to get started on installation, let us know! The process is fast and hassle-free. We can even keep your new air conditioner in excellent shape with quality routine maintenance.

Phasing out R-22 Freon doesn’t have to stress you out. Call Ditter Cooling, Heating & Electrical to request a quote, schedule an appointment or ask for details about our services. We’re available by phone at 763-200-5055. Give us a call today!