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6 Symptoms You Need Air Conditioning Repair

Breakdowns may seem like they come out of the blue, but usually your air conditioner will show signs a problem is coming. Here are a few to watch out for:

  • Your air conditioner is making strange noises: If your air conditioner is making unusual sounds such as grinding, squeaking or rattling, this could be a sign that something needs repairing or you are in need of air conditioning maintenance.
  • You notice decreased airflow: This could mean there’s an obstruction in the vents or ducts, which would need to be cleared out, or possibly a faulty fan motor that needs to be replaced.
  • Your air conditioner isn’t cooling the room like it used to: Over time, air conditioners become less efficient due to wear and tear. If your system can’t cool your home properly, you should book an appointment for repairs.
  • You’ve noticed a rise in your energy bills: If your air conditioner is running more than usual, it could be due to an issue that needs fixing.
  • You smell strange odors when your air conditioner is running: If you notice any strange smells coming from your air conditioning system, such as burning or musty smells, you should have it professionally inspected.
  • Your air conditioner is leaking moisture: If you notice any water pooling around your system, this could indicate a problem that needs to be addressed.

Should I Repair or Replace My Air Conditioner?

Deciding when to replace your air conditioner can be a challenge, but there are telltale signs it’s time for an upgrade. Look out for these key indicators that your AC is wearing out, so you know when to start saving for air conditioning installation:

  • Your AC struggles to keep up on hot days
  • Your air conditioner is 15 years old or more
  • The air conditioner in your home or business requires frequent repairs, or when repair bills add up to more than half the cost of a new air conditioner
  • When your AC is leaking R-22 refrigerant, which is something new air conditioners do not use
  • If your house or business is muggy or stuffy, or you notice hot or cold spots

It makes the most sense to repair newer air conditioners and those that only need small fixes, rather than extensive work. Older units or those that need frequent, costly repairs are prime candidates for air conditioning replacement.

Maximize your comfort and save with our maintenance program. Our convenient, cost-effective system helps minimize repairs, plus you get priority scheduling and special discounts on additional services. Let us show you the difference a little preventive care makes today!

Free Second Opinions for Air Conditioner Compressors

Don’t take a leap of faith when it comes to your air conditioner. If you’ve had someone diagnose a problem with your air conditioner compressor, we’re happy to give you a free second opinion so you can feel confident you’re making the right choice.

When it comes to replacing your air conditioner, don’t feel pressured by making a decision quickly. Let Ditter’s experts lend you their second opinion for free. No strings attached!

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