Modern homes are well-sealed to keep heating and cooling inside. The drawback is that indoor air can become stagnant and polluted. In fact, EPA studies have found that pollutant levels are often 2 to 5 times higher. People spend the majority of their time indoors, so addressing pollutants can offer many useful benefits.

But you need a team of HVAC pros and indoor air quality experts for the best results. That’s where Ditter Cooling, Heating & Electrical comes in. We offer quality air exchangers in Medina, Plymouth, Maple Grove and surrounding areas. Plus comprehensive installation, repair and maintenance services. Our trained and certified technicians will do their best to ensure you can make the most of comfort technology.

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What Exactly Is an Air Exchanger?

An air exchanger is a piece of HVAC technology designed to replace stagnant indoor air with fresher air outside. Dust, mold, pollutants and all sorts of other unpleasant substances are swept up in the resulting circulation, making air exchangers a great option for improving ventilation.

Two vent and fan systems form the air exchange system. One set pushes indoor air out while the other pulls outdoor air in. If there are any airborne contaminants, a filter inside the air exchanger prevents them from circulating back inside. Just make sure you replace the filter on a regular basis! Otherwise, dust and debris may collect until the filter is no longer as effective.

What Does an Air Exchanger Do?

The air exchange process is meant to replace stale air indoors. It pulls it toward the air exchange unit and deposits it outside. Fresh air is then vented back inside your home, with any contaminants filtered out before they can return again through the system.

There Are Lots of Benefits to Installing an Air Exchanger

Improving air circulation in your home can be highly beneficial, especially since indoor pollutants are vented out. We’ll work together when installing your air exchanger to make sure you receive all the benefits of higher indoor air quality, such as:

  1. Allergy relief—Many airborne substances aggravate allergies, producing symptoms like runny sinuses and trouble breathing. Air exchangers vent indoor pollutants like dust and pet dander out, while also keeping outdoor contaminants like pollen from getting inside in the first place.
  2. Humidity control—Circulating air holds less moisture than stale air. High humidity can result in uncomfortable conditions and microorganism growth, so an air exchanger makes for a great solution for humidity problems.
  3. Less exposure to illness—Humid, stale air carries more pollutants capable of making you sick. An air exchanger may reduce the risk of illness, both by venting out bacteria and viruses as well as minimizing the conditions for them to reproduce.

Ditter Helps Clean Air Flow Freely

Our homes are supposed to be like an oasis of comfort, somewhere we can relax and breathe easy. Stale indoor air can make that a little more difficult to achieve, so why not get help from the best in the business? Ditter Cooling, Heating & Electrical can provide you with a quality air exchanger or other indoor air quality solutions.

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