When your A/C coil looks like this it is past the time to be cleaned. You should be checking your A/C through out the months of usage to prevent build up of cottonwood and grass clippings. Excessive build up of these can cause permanent damage and shorten the life of the unit. Most A/C units have a hail guard around them which makes it difficult to spot the build up and even more difficult to clean it. The unit in the picture had to have the hail guard removed to properly clean it. Reinstalling the hail guard is even more complicated than removal. Extra precaution needs to be taken to ensure the screws that hold it in place do not pierce the coil and cause an expensive repair. When in doubt, have us come and do a proper clean and check to ensure the life and reliability of your air conditioner! Check out our coupon page!  (Some of you may have to double click on picture to see it.)